Saudi’s Wodhooh Real Estate hires Legends to manage its social media

One of the Kingdom’s largest real estate companies aims to get its achievements noticed
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Source Riyadh - Media Department 15 Oct 2022 12:12 PM

The Saudi Arabian real estate company Wodhooh hired Legends PR and Communications agency to manage its social media accounts in a bid to raise awareness of its expertise.

Wodhooh, which was established in 2010, has specialists in all aspects of real estate development, including asset management, project funding, and investor relations. It aims to manage a wide range of impressive infrastructure development projects in addition to real estate projects and mixed-use real estate.

One of the largest real estate companies in the Kingdom, Wodhooh possesses a clear vision in analysing commercial real estate trends and market requirements. It achieves its targets by applying innovative methods, closely following construction plans and market fluctuations, and ensuring that the selected building materials are high quality to ensure the structures' longevity.

Legends’ digital marketing campaign was designed to introduce and showcase Wodhooh’s products, attracting more investors as well as raising public awareness. It showed how Wodhooh differed from its competitors along with its ability to develop key sectors within the kingdom, its cooperation with global consultancies, and its proven track record in real estate development.

Managing Wodhooh’s Twitter account, Legends created infographics and posters, used texted tweets, produced promotional videos, built a content calendar, and monitored engagement and interaction. As a result, the account attained 12,000 views and 9,000 engagements.


Legends was created in Riyadh in late 2019. With a global team of experts, the agency provides well-crafted PR, communications, and consultancy services. Legends’ versatile skill set, including crisis management and institutional representation, engages audiences through running efficient international campaigns that have a guaranteed far-reaching impact.

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