Legends advances campaign for Saudi developer’s unparalleled safety success

Roshn achieves 10 million man hours with no lost time incidents
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Source Riyadh - Media Department 30 Apr 2022 09:45 AM

The real estate developer Roshn’s achievement in reaching 10 million man hours with no lost time incidents (LTI) was promoted by Legends PR and Communications agency in an April marketing campaign. The achievement was reached during the development of Roshn’s Sedra project, a community in Riyadh.

Roshn’s group CEO David Grover said that LTI rates were a key indicator of construction site safety and efficiency; they are used by insurers, government agencies, and other stakeholders to assess the safety of a company’s practices. He added that Roshn’s remarkable achievement was the result of hard work from its health and safety staff together with contractors and site supervision teams. Roshn is owned by the kingdom’s Public Investment Fund.

Legends created an English and Arabic press release detailing Roshn’s achievements which was reported in local and regional newspapers, as well as Qatar’s Gulf Times website and Twitter account. 


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