Legends launches Campaign highlighting Saudi efforts to counter terrorism

University lecturer’s article calls on USA’s Biden to foster links with Islamic anti-terror coalition
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Source Riyadh - Media Department 26 Dec 2020 02:45 AM

 A media campaign to highlight and promote the leading role played by the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) both regionally and internationally was carried out by Legends PR and Communications agency in December.

The campaign follows the publication of an article called Combating Terrorist Financing in the Age of Crypto: Opportunities for the Biden Administration, by Saeed A. Khan, a senior lecturer of Near East and Asian studies and global studies at Wayne State University in Detroit. His article was published on the RealClearDefense news site for military professionals and enthusiasts. 

Khan’s article outlined Saudi Arabia’s strategy to eradicate terrorism and its cooperation with the international community, forging alliances and establishing international counter-terrorism hubs to this end. He urged the incoming administration of US President-elect Joe Biden to expand the scope of its counter-terrorism initiatives and to develop a strategic partnership between the US and the IMCTC rather than limiting its cooperation to NATO.

Saudi Arabia took the initiative to establish the IMCTC in 2015. Comprising 41 countries, the coalition aims to unify and consolidate Muslim countries’ efforts to counter terrorism on ideological, communications, and military fronts as well as combating terrorism financing.

The media campaign run by Legends highlighted the importance that intellectuals such as Khan give to Saudi Arabia’s endeavours to counter terrorism. The article’s key points were circulated on a number of news sites such as Al-Ain, Sabq, Al-Watan, Neom news, and in Okaz and An-Nahar newspapers.


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