Legends Registers Its Trademark in Saudi Arabia and GCC

Legends' policy aims to protect its trademark and distinguish itself among its customers domestically and globally amidst the advancing competition in the advertising and marketing sector
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Source Media Department - Riyadh 24 Apr 2024 05:00 PM

Legends PR and Communications company has registered its trademark in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries as part of a policy aimed at protecting its trademark and ensuring the continued impact of its intellectual and commercial activities, alongside distinguishing itself among its customers domestically and globally. This comes in light of the advancement in the industry and creativity in the advertising market with products and services that benefit the Saudi economy and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Legends company logo symbolises its distinctive formation, representing a bright future, creativity, vision, and achieved accomplishments. The incorporation of the letter "G" with the crown in a creative way alongside a simple text signifies strict standards and luxury. Overall, the logo emphasises simplicity, leaving a strong impression on people at first glance.

Regarding colours, the logo consists of three colours embodying the company's philosophy: blue symbolises high trust, honesty, and the necessary belonging to achieve goals; yellow provides motivational strength and positive impact essential for success in its mission; and green signifies growth, prosperity, and abundance, which are fundamental qualities of legends.

It is worth mentioning that the Nice Classification is an international classification for registering trademarks for goods and services, comprising more than classes for each product and service. It is updated every five years and is based on the supervision of the World Intellectual Property Organisation. Since June 15, 1957, it has been implemented to protect rights by stipulating strict standards for each mark to ensure its rights among competitors.

Legends was created in Riyadh in late 2019. With a global team of experts, the company provides well-crafted PR, communications, and consultancy services. Legends’ versatile skill set, including crisis management and institutional representation, engages audiences through running efficient international campaigns that have a guaranteed far-reaching impact.

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