Launch of Saudi integrated service company for building projects supported by Legends

FMTECH aims to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions using cutting-edge technology
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Source Riyadh - Media Department 11 Aug 2023 12:30 PM

Legends PR and Communications agency has concluded the April to August campaign to launch a government body designed to streamline management services for real estate development projects.

Saudi Facilities Management Company (FMTECH), owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), will provide integrated facilities management services for local developments that support the local economy, including health institutions, industrial facilities, entertainment complexes, aviation facilities, schools, residential and shopping complexes, and business centres. The company aims to offer both cost effective and sustainable development.

FMTECH’s launch was announced at a large ceremony on 10 August. The PIF said in a statement that the project aligned with its goals to empower promising projects in a bid to support economic diversification, achieve sustainable solutions, and bring cutting-edge technology to the Kingdom.

Legends developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing plan involving creative content writing to promote FMTECH’s vision before the official launch. The plan also involved identifying the tone of voice to be used on social media; the agency created and operated FMTECH’s social media accounts, with content in both Arabic and English on 16 Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Legends also produced the official announcement video in motion graphics, which was posted by the PIF on its social media accounts. Graphic designs were created to enhance the company’s visual identity. Additionally, Legends coordinated with local and international media such as AlEqtisadiah and Al Arabiya Business and with social media influencers on Twitter to announce FMTECH’s launch.


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