Legends conducts global campaign to raise awareness of Saudi human rights progress

The Kingdom makes 95 groundbreaking human rights reforms
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Source Riyadh - Media Department 10 Feb 2022 05:02 AM

An unprecedented media campaign to raise awareness of Saudi Arabia’s progress in human rights was conducted by Legends PR and Communications agency. The campaign looked at three events that took place in March: the 49th United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, attended by the head of the Kingdom’s human rights commission, Dr Awwad Saleh Al-Awwad; International Women's Day on 8 March; and Down Syndrome Awareness Week.

Legends created a film of Al-Awwad stressing that the Kingdom had made 95 groundbreaking human rights reforms as a result of its adherence to long-established values and both national and international commitments. He said that these reforms showed how serious the country was when it came to protecting human rights.

For International Women’s Day, Legends promoted the country’s social reforms which had helped the empowerment of women. It created a promotional video for the Human Rights Council called What are Saudi Women proud of on International Women’s Day? Coverage resulted in Al Watan, Newsweek, Brussels Morning, and Argentina’s Olé.

Some 29 pieces of media content were achieved during Down Syndrome Awareness Week, highlighting the challenges faced by this vulnerable group. Al Arabiya, Sabq e-newspaper, Riyadh Daily, and Okaz all covered this; social media coverage saw 1,781 tweets as well as film footage.


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