Legends promotes global campaign to protect intellectual property rights

Saudi Arabia shuts down violating websites and forges international partnerships to protect IP
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Source Riyadh - Media Department 31 May 2021 02:51 AM

A global promotional campaign to showcase the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property’s (SAIP) success in tracing violations, shutting down offending websites, and forging international partnerships to protect IP was launched by Legends PR and Communications agency.

Dubbed International Partnerships and Enforcement 2021, the campaign highlighted how SAIP has shut down about 370 websites broadcasting football games, movies, and series. It has also destroyed more than 1.5 million materials violating IP rights on computers and electronic devices involving illegally copied photographs and literary works. In addition, SAIP has fostered international partnerships with countries such as the US, China, and the UAE.

Created in 2018 to regulate and protect IP such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights in the Kingdom, SAIP is part of Saudi Vision 2030’s National Transformation Programme designed to convert it into a leading nation. It aims to make a major leap in IP enforcement and to publicise its achievements both at home and abroad.

To this end, Legends planned and put into action an international media and promotional campaign. It resulted in 21 pieces of news in six different languages, with articles published in Above the Law, The New European, and International Policy Digest, among others, and TV coverage on Germany’s Deutsche Welle. The BBC interviewed SAIP’s representatives, and 3.5 million views were achieved on different social media platforms.


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